søndag 10. april 2016

RR Drammen #32:

Vert: Ridder Nystuen

1.Ray LaMontage: Homecoming (9.25)
2.Storm Corrison: Drag Drops (8.75)
3.Mahavishnu Orchestra: One Word (8.12)
4.My brother the wind: Electric Universe (8.0)
5.Gong: Other side of the sky (7.87)
5.Causa Sui: Dawn Passage (7.87)
5.Miles Davis: So what (7.87)
5.Pelican: Forecast today (7.87)
5.Tool: Schism (7.87)
6.Herbie Hancock: Main vein melter (7.75)
6.Motorpsycho: Here be a monster pt.1 (7.75)

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