The Knights Of Rock is a cult of rock enthusiasts which was first established in september 2001. The cult has set out on a crusade to deliver the sounds of great music to the people in the streets [rock!] and the members hold regular meetings every three months where great music are evaluated.

[def. rock: Great music within all definitions of rock. This also applies to all music that has defined today's rock music]

During these regular meetings throughout the year the knights cross swords in aural combat; a festive night with deliberate playlists and somewhat irresponsible amounts of lager, whiskey and assorted liquors. On these nights intense, musical evangelism collides head on with loud laughter and spirited replies. In the early years the cult focused on educating its own members - the knights. But soon the ambition sent the cult out on the streets of the norwegian town of Tønsberg. Glasses were crushed, DJ's banished and written complaints were handed over to the managers of various bars and clubs.

The cult has since that darkened night quieted their drunken cries for justice and instead set out on a guerilla attack on the establishment. Under the cover of darkness the knights tries to squeeze some blood from the anemic veins of the industry. That includes releasing records, mailorder distribution, music journalism, rockquizzes, blogging and various bands and club concepts.

In 2006 the Knights Of Rock set out onto the digital prairie and established this website. The cult also has expanded their organization and today three chapters of knights exists - Odalen (which controls the area north of Oslo and up to Hamar), Drammen (which controls Drammen and have a rock responsibility for Buskerud) and Sentralstyret (which controls Oslo, Vestfold and Telemark). Sentralstyret also dispatched a knight to the north of Norway in 2011 to establish a venue above the arctic circle.

Our website and official blog are written in norwegian - the language of black metal, vikings, mead & pinnekjøtt! This page is only a short introduction to our world of beers, burgers & rock'n'roll!